Experience plan


Origami Lesson

Price: ¥3,300 (one-hour lesson for one group; includes origami paper)

Explore the limitless possibilities that can come from a single sheet of paper,
with a lesson in origami: a fun part of traditional Japanese culture.
Your host can teach you about the popular standard crane, as well as
a variety of other animals, flowers, and containers.


Persimmon Leaf & Bamboo Leaf Sushi Lesson

Price: ¥2,200 per person (five pieces of sushi per person)
Choose from salmon, sea bream, horse mackerel, eggplant, lotus root, shiitake mushroom, wild greens,

and kinjiso (“Okinawan spinach”) as toppings for your five pieces of sushi.

Enjoy a traditional dish from Kanazawa, prepared by you!
Top sushi with your choice of ingredients, then wrap it in persimmon or bamboo leaves.
Makes a great breakfast the next morning!

Kids’ Kimono Dress-Up

Price: FREE! (Available at check-in time, or alongside paid hands-on experiences)
For: Girls ages 3–8 and boys ages 5–8

You can’t take the kimono with you when you go out, but why not enjoy a uniquely Japanese dress-up experience while you’re here?

It makes a fun travel memory, and it’s a great chance for photos!

Note: All three hands-on experiences shown require reservations at least two days in advance.